C30 C60 C90 Go Voodoo Radio!

Cumbrian power-punk pair VOODOO RADIO consisting of singer/drummer Paige and guitarist Tony will at the end of February 2023 unleash new vinyl EP, STUPID HUMANS, including a deliciously infectious two-and-a-half minute cover-version of Bow Wow Wow‘s classic C30 C60 C90 Go! a rendition that is 100% pure relentless energy and full-on raw power. Available to stream from today 21st October 2022.

Paige says about the track, “The original is about people taping off the radio and not buying the physical record so the artist weren’t getting the money, drawing some comparison now with the streaming world etc. Second reason is no one else has covered it and the style of music is a similar style to us and we love the the tribal drumming!”

You will probably know, the duo started rocking the tunnels of Leicester Square tube station, London in 2018, stopping commuters and tourists alike in their tracks with a mesmerising ‘summer of 76’ power-pop sound. The duo released debut record, POP PILLS on Holy Dotage Records at the start of 2022 and have been picking up ravishing notices ever since.

Tony, a seasoned performer was inspired by hearing Slaves on the radio and suggested to young Paige: “get two shoe boxes, anything that’s like a drum stick – a table knife and a wooden spoon and see if you can sing and play rhythms whilst hitting a beat” – Paige certainly could and Voodoo Radio were manifested.

Check the great video by Paul Gallagher..

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